Skaters, thieves impact memorial

I write on a disappointing note about my concerns with skate boarders at the Two Wells War Memorial.

Skate boarders have been using the plinth at the rear of the memorial for jumps and have damaged the fine edging.

This is very disappointing, as a large sum of money has been raised for this project both by some local businesses and the RSL.

The plinth is to have a Rising Sun mounted on it, which is to be lit up as a mark of deep respect to those who have given their lives for this nation.

If this continues other options will be canvassed by the RSL to see just what can be done to stop this disrespectful behaviour by a small group of individuals.

Local police have been informed. I trust the persons responsible for this will understand and not use the memorial for a skate park, as any damage to the memorial will need to be recouped from these persons if caught.

• On another disappointing note, some time during the night of Thursday, May 22, some person/persons tried to remove the plaque from the War Memorial which lists the names of local men who went away to war.

 Hopefully some community-minded person either heard or saw someone at the memorial acting in a manner that was out of character.

They appeared to try to remove the plaque, probably to sell for scrap, with a chisel and hammer and one would assume this action would be noticed by someone.Hopefully. The matter was reported to police. If any person knows anything regarding events listed here, please contact Two Wells Police Station.

If any member of this great community has any concerns regarding this letter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Two Wells RSL secretary, John G. Allen

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