Reserve gates should halt vehicle impact

DCM kissing gates

New gates set to be installed at Dublin’s sensitive, heritage listed reserve, aim to restrict off-road vehicles and motorbikes while still permitting locals and visitors to enjoy the natural surrounds.

District Council of Mallala is taking steps to reduce access into the reserve and preserve the fragile native environment, with local councillor, Terry-Anne Keen, earlier in the year saying off-road vehicles and motorbikes were destroying the reserve.

At council’s May 12 meeting it resolved to reduced the number of access points into the reserve from 13 to three, with “kissing gates” (plan pictured) set to be installed at the corner of Seventh and North Streets, the end of Third Street and the end of First Street.

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said the intent of the gates was to restrict access to pedestrians, prams and wheelchairs only.

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