Mayhem at the Manor


Two Wells Melodrama Group has raised around $25,000 for local community groups after another successful season wrapped up last month.

The group performed an original script by up-and-coming performer and writer, Jessica Renaglia titled “Mayhem at Magical Manor”, with director Eleisha Arbon and stage stalwart, Anne Arbon, also contributing.

Following a slightly gothic feel, the story centered around two young journalists vying for a promotion at their local newspaper who both set out to write the “scoop” of the year and resolve a mysterious curse in the process.

Featuring a forgetful librarian, a fierce newspaper editor, a mild police officer and an unusual family who disappeared years ago, there were laughs a plenty and some great performances.

As usual, audience participation was well received by the cast and many clever retorts were seemingly worked into each performance.

About 600 people attended this year’s six-show performance.

Two Wells Melodrama group (TWMG) president, Lance Morgan, said it was exciting for the group to see their months of hard work pay off.

“For those in the audience the show was a blast and the accompanying three-course menu was a treat, as usual,” Lance said.

“It was a brilliant show, and a brilliant first-up written show by Jessica, with added support from Eleisha and Anne Arbon.

“It was full of young humour as well as old humour, yet the young performers really owned the show. It was a great show for the younger generation.”

Lance said this year saw the group welcome back John McInerney to the stage, with Mollie Wilson joining the orchestra to become the third generation of the Wilson family to be involved with TWMG.

“The future for the show looks really positive with the young script writers coming through,” he added.

“The cast we had this year have really bonded together well and delivered an ‘over the floodlights’ energetic and enthusiastic show to the audience.

“These guys really lived the parts, adding little dance steps along the way, or extra words to throw in a joke or two.

“It was also great to have Kerry Heym come back to enforce the humour of the show and to support the younger ones.

“It has been really positive and everyone is enthusiastic for next year.”

All funds raised from the event are ploughed back into the community and over the years the group has donated more than $500,000 to local groups.

With this year’s performance done and dusted the cast, crew and many volunteers can all take a much-earned breather, and with two scripts already being laid on the table for next year’s show, the future does indeed look bright.

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