Keep the home fire burning

WITH winter on our doorstep many locals are getting their wood fire burning. 

To save you the hassle of finding and cutting up dry wood for your fire, give Guy Jackson Firewood a call, and Guy will be more than happy to deliver a load of wood for you.

Guy has mixed gum, redgum, cut mallee, mallee stumps, or a mixture of the lot, for sale, starting from $279 per tonne.

With every order, Guy provides a free bag of kindling. He can also deliver sawdust, shavings and shellgrit.

For your next wood order, contact Guy, seven days a week, on 0400 083 852. (delivery option available only – no pick up.) 

Here’s some tips for getting your fire roaring:

• Make sure your wood is dry – wet or green wood is hard to light, burns poorly and the evaporating water cools the fire , creating smoke.

• Light the fire using sufficient kindling to establish a hot fire quickly.

• Use small split wood to get the fire established.

• Run combustion heaters on high burn (air vent fully open) for the first 20 minutes of operation, and as well as after every addition of wood.

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