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Stevan takes his rugby to a new level

You wouldn’t think this funky mop of hair would be conducive to playing a high-contact sport – what with getting in your face and easily being a target for the occasional hand to get tangled in – but for 19-year-old Two Wells resident, Stevan Stanojevic, it’s just one of many things that make him unique amongst his rugby union counterparts.

Stevan, a plumber by trade, completed his primary school education at Virginia Primary School followed by secondary school at Gawler High School, and currently plays premier grade rugby union for the Southern Suburbs Rugby Union club.

A front rower on the field, commonly known as a prop, Stevan is the first in line to take the hits throughout the game.

“I’m a carrier,” he said.

“I take the tackles, take the hits and carry the ball as far as I can.

Stevan took up the sport when he was 10 years old but stopped after two years.

He re-introduced himself to the game when he was 16 and has been playing ever since.

“I found (Aussie Rules) footy was aimed at a body type whereas rugby was suited for all body types,” he explained as to why he chose rugby over the more common Aussie rules football.

“There’s a role for everybody and it’s really good way to stay fit.”

With training twice a week in the southern suburbs it’s not just a quick trip down to the local oval for a game or a training session either, it’s a big commitment.

Add to this his state commitments and Stevan spends a lot of time travelling for games, training and team meetings.

Stevan was selected as a 17-year-old to play in Brighton Chiefs’ invitational squad and has represented Australia/South Australia at numerous national events, even travelling overseas to England and Wales with this squad.

“That trip was amazing,” Stevan remarked.

“Here we were on the other side of the world and the rugby was really different.

“Going overseas was a huge challenge and I learnt so much.”

A representative in the U16 South Australian Rugby Union state team and later as a member of the U18 South Australian School Boys team, he has also been selected as part of the prestigious U20 South Australian Junior Black Falcons and has competed at rugby’s top level for his age, for many years.

Rugby union is the kind of sport many mums would cringe at, but Stevan says the support from his mum, Michelle, has been amazing – despite all the knocks, bumps, bruises and the odd concussion.

“I do a lot of running and a lot of hitting,” he said wirily.

“I’ve got quite a highly demanding role.”

The South Australian Rugby Union competition comprises nine premier league teams across the state.

Earlier this year Stevan competed as a member of the South Australian team in the National Under 20s tournament held in Adelaide in March.

At the end of the week-long competition, the SA team finished second overall with a win/loss score of 2/1. 

Stevan said playing in front of a local crowd was a terrific experience and the high level of rugby talent made for a great competition. 

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