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Budget’s $100,000 to research new Two Wells civic centre

District Council of Mallala (DCM) will start preliminary investigations and costings into building a civic centre in Two Wells, with $100,000 earmarked in its annual budget review.

If the civic centre progresses it is likely to incorporate a move from Mallala of DCM’s main office to Two Wells some time in the future.

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said at council’s Monday, May 26, meeting councillors discussed at length the implications this would have on the district, adding the funds were considered as part of its 2013/14 annual budget review, not the upcoming budget.

“The inclusion of $100,000 is toward further work that is required to explore design options and costings of a civic centre in Two Wells,” Mr Mansueto said.

“Council is not intending to make any final decision on the civic centre during this current term and would require to consult with the community prior to progressing any further works on the civic centre.”

Previous attempts in years gomne by to move the council base from Mallala to Two Wells have met public concern over impact on the Mallala township.

The investigative work, Mr Mansueto said, would be conducted by a council sub-committee, which would report to council’s Facilities and Infrastructure Advisory Committee. At the May 26 meeting councillors voted in favour of the Civic Precinct/Office Accommodation project, following which a division was called.

Those standing in favour were councillors Strudwicke, Wasley, Daniele, Summerton and McColl. Those against included councillors Jones, Picard, Howard and Kennington.

Councillors Heley and Keen were not present at the meeting.

Also included in the budget review for the 2013/14 year was an increase in consultancy expenditure of $156,000 carried over from 2012/13 for council’s Open Space Strategy, with the expenditure requested being $56,000.

This is the third review of councils budget for the year ending 30 June 2014 and is reflective of figures as of 30 April 2014. 

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