All teams in top two

Two Wells Senior Netball News with Stacey Gameau

All senior teams have had a great start to the season. It’s a fantastic effort that all grades are in the top two spots (as of May 25). 

This year we have been able to have a great mix of young talent and experienced players in each team.

Lots of girls have gone up a grade and have shown they’ve definitely earned their spot.

It’s fantastic to see each team performing this well. We now just need to continue this great form into the finals.

This season we had enough girls to fill an away side – this means we have two A5 sides.

The away A5 side plays Friday nights when they can. They have taken Balaklava’s spot, who didn’t fill an A5 team this season, so they play whomever Balaklava plays each week.

Our two A5 teams actually played off last week, it was a close game but the away side took the honors in the first match.

They are both performing so well it looks like they could even meet in the grand final.

This is due to many of the A5 girls really pushing for higher grade selection.

Thanks to the girls who put their hand up to be in the away team, it was a big decision for them, one that could even pay off for them at the end of the year.

A big thanks to Juanita Webster for putting her hand up to coach this team, it’s a big commitment especially when she has her son Blake playing junior footy.

The girls wore pink and black knee-high socks to support the McGrath foundation on the weekend. Not sure how red will look with the pink, but it’s all for a great cause!

We’d like to thank the committee and coaches for a great effort so far, especially as there have been many extra meetings, etc. required due to many factors, including the large number of girls that came out to trials and tough selection decisions.

It’s exciting to see we could have a very successful season.

Let’s keep up the great attendance at training and work hard on and off the court to make sure we are all still up the top at the end of the season.

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