Have your say on local health plan

Regional Health Plan

People with an interest in public health are invited to give feedback on a draft Regional Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

The draft Plan is an initiative of the four regional councils  –  Barossa, Light, Gawler and Mallala – and outlines priorities and targets for public health into the future.

Councils and RDA Barossa have been working hard to ensure the Plan reflects community priorities, and after extensive consultation with stakeholders, it is now ready for public input.

Barossa mayor, Brian Hurn, encouraged people to become involved in the process before May 16.

“Supporting communities to live well is not just the responsibility of government or health professionals – it begins with individuals,” said Mr Hurn.

“If you are aware of any gaps in health-related services, or have ideas on how we could improve the health and wellbeing of our community, we want to hear from you.”

The Plan will provide a strategy for promoting health and wellbeing through regional collaboration, community participation, planning, education and regulatory enforcement.

It aligns with both the new State Health Plan and the existing strategic plans developed by the councils.

To make comment either email or phone the environmental services manager at your local council:

• District Council of Mallala: Phone 8527 0200, Email info@mallala.sa.gov.au

• Barossa Council: Phone 8563 8444, Email barossa@barossa.sa.gov.au

•  Light Regional Council: Phone 85 3200, Email light@light.sa.gov.au

• Town of Gawler: Phone 8522 9211, Email council@gawler.sa.gov.au

• To view our own regional plan, Public Health and Wellbeing Plan for the Barossa, Light and Lower Northern Region, visit your Council’s website.

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