Speed warning – and a ‘black mark’ for others

Two Wells Police By Officer in Charge B/Sergeant Grant Devlin

• What a great time of the year. The autumn weather is always pleasant and we were lucky enough to have two long weekends in a row – well some of you might have been lucky.

Police are not normally that lucky and had you gone away you should have noticed a high police presence on our roads.

No less than 20 motorists have received expiations for speeding by Two Wells police. This number would be more than double if you included what our Highway Patrols issued.

• I sometimes wonder if “the word” is getting through. One motorist was clocked at 221 km/h on Port Wakefield road,  Dublin.

At that speed the patrol could only watch as the vehicle, possibly a dark coloured late model BMW, went past.

I am lead to believe a similar vehicle was stopped later near Port Wakefield at a somewhat slower speed.

• In this holiday period we celebrated the heroes who have fought in previous and current conflicts so we can live the prosperous lives we do. Due to work commitments, I attended the Mallala dawn service, something I have done many times before, yet I am always humbled at the amount of people who brave the cold and sometimes the rain to honour our men and women of previous and current defence forces.

It doesn’t matter what nationality, religious persuasion, or what economic status you have in a community, everyone is welcome to stand together.

After the service, people sat together for a “more than ample” breakfast and a rum or coffee. There is little talk of wars, the majority had not served, and it was their commitment to respect those of our Defence Force.

•  Now for a little local “Police News”

We are concerned at the number of ‘wheelies’ or black marks appearing on our streets. Some complaints have been received by locals living near Brooks road who advised there is a vehicle regularly doing wheelies between 11.30pm and midnight.

Our patrols have concealed themselves and remained on duty to well after those times but nothing has been sighted.

• Another area of concern is the Gawler River road, Old Port Wakefield road intersection.

Locals report early morning activity in the area so it could be someone attending work or some “wombat” who doesn’t sleep.

If anyone has any information please call police.

• A reminder for all – Two Wells Police Station normally is open between 9.30am and noon.

Often taskings take us away from the station between those times, so, to avoid the inconvenience of attending and finding the station closed, please call on 85202309 or our mobile 0418 859 699 and we will advise when we are back in the office.

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