Message to Residents:

From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

recently I joined Mallala CWA for its 68th birthday afternoon tea at Dublin Institute. Mallala CWA members and visitor Dianne McEvoy attended.

Pat Thompson kindly decorated the birthday cake and presented the tea and coffee. Apron wearing was the order of the day with some fashioned by ladies like Dublin CWA members, Ialla Hall and Audrey Irish.

• On Sunday, April 6, I attended a dance at the Long Plains Hall. A large attendance filled the hall and it is a credit to volunteers they could manage the pooled afternoon tea for these people.

Peter Hutchins provided the music but I had neither the skill nor the energy for all this dancing so I focused on taking pictures instead. Of course, I couldn’t resist purchasing a succulent from the plant stall.

• On Thursday, April 10, Mark Webb and I were treated to an excursion of Mac Crabb’s property. It was fascinating to witness so much variety on one property. I’m always impressed when I see a kangaroo and we also saw several birds, which I didn’t recognise.

Several bunkers in various states of repair were both interesting and of great historical significance.

A small stand of nardoo was flagged for our inspection. This is what killed Burke and Wills. I think the moral of that story is if you are going to eat bush tucker, make sure you prepare it properly.

• On Friday, April 25, I attended the Anzac Day service at Mallala. It was one of several held in the district; the others held in Parham, Two Wells and Thompson’s Beach.

Several hundred people, including about 40 RAAF personnel, attended on a morning of perfect weather.

Unfortunately the PA system wasn’t as cooperative. However, the speakers performed admirably without it, despite the racket caused by the birds in the tree behind me having an all-in morning discussion.

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