DCM Budget: Roundabout $600,000!

District Council of Mallala has considered its draft 2014/2015 budget, with the proposed expenditure and deficit better than outlined in its Long-term Financial Plan.
One of its big-ticket items is $600,000 for a roundabout at the intersection of Mallala road and Old Port Wakefield road.
Last month councillors toured the district to view potential budget items, with DCM’s now defunct Strategic Community and Governance Committee recommending the roundabout spending and more, following major bids for the 2014/2015 year:
• $32,000 for local government elections to be held November 2014
• $90,000 for a senior planning officer
• $21,000 for a customer request software system
• $35,000 contribution for a regional human resources role
• $20,000 for a horse industry study
• $2000 for Mallala Museum electrical upgrade
At council’s April 26 meeting the above items were endorsed as the upcoming financial year’s draft budget.
A final budget and business plan will be presented to council this month to seek approval for the start of community consultation.
The final budget is proposed to be endorsed at council’s June 23 meeting.
DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said it was pleasing to see projected spending and deficit was less than planned.
“Currently the proposed draft budget expenditure and deficit for the 2014/15 financial year is marginally lower than the anticipated long term financial plan indicates,” Mr Mansueto said.
“This year’s budget includes funds towards the construction of the roundabout to join the new Two Wells development and the Two Wells town centre.
“The roundabout is required to improve traffic movement between the new development and the town centre.
“When the DPA was considered by council it ensured a new town centre could not be built in the new development to reflect the community view the existing Two Wells centre remain the main business and community focus.
“This required casino online council to contribute 50 per cent to a roundabout that would facilitate improved access between the new development and the town centre, ensuring freight and traffic movements are managed effectively.”
Mr Mansueto said as well as the above draft budget bids, council would once again be spending to improve local roads and pathways, with sealing around the Long Plains oval precinct brought forward into this year’s current budget.
Projected capital expenditure on roads renewals for 2014-15 is $660,000, which is in line with previous years, with expenditure on new roads construction for the same period of $1.3 million.
In addition, Mr Mansueto said the new Two Wells development land division was expected to generate an additional rate income of about $1.9 million over the next 4-5 years.
“This is not in the current draft budget but will start to appear in the following year gradually as the 590 allotments are developed,” he said.

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