Totally Locally hits Two Wells


UK Marketing guru brings main street grassroots plan

Two Wells could be one of the first communities in South Australia to join the world-wide Totally Locally campaign, following a presentation on Tuesday March 11, from its creator, Englishman, Chris Sands.

Mr Sands spoke in Two Wells to local business owners and interested people about the campaign, which he created to help promote local shops and businesses in his hometown of Calderdale in the United Kingdom.

Totally Locally’s catch-phrase “Invest in your town, invest in your future” has become the saviour for many communities across Europe, reinvigorating interest, enthusiasm and pride in local townships, and the campaign is taking off around the world, with Mr Sands suggesting many towns in Australia and New Zealand were signing up to the free marketing tool.

“You are the ‘they’ in ‘they should do something about that’,” Mr Sands told about 25 people gathered at the Two Wells Bowling Club.

“The whole of Totally Locally is based on that concept, it’s up to you.”

Mr Sands described Totally Locally as a free, multi-award winning, open source marketing kit for any town to download and use, saying it was a well-thought out marketing brand, which centered around people, service, quality, pride and investing in where you live to make it a better place.

“Everything’s positive, you’ve got to be positive,” he said.

“Some people don’t even think about it, it just becomes the norm, you just do what you can, but this can change attitudes.

“It’s about people power, no rules, red tape, no politics, no ‘what’s in it for me?’, no local authority, no paid memberships, no committees, no chairman and definitely no minutes.

“It’s about having fun promoting each other, loving where you live, meeting in pubs.

“It’s about people like you just doing it, no permission needed.

“It’s not targeted at changing businesses and making shops better, it’s about engaging with the public and telling them if they do one tiny thing with their town, it’ll be a better place to live.”

A theme of Mr Sands’ presentation was the importance of local people promoting other local businesses and not having the mindset of how they themselves could benefit.

Regional Development Australia Barossa chief executive officer, Anne Moroney, believed the campaign had the potential to impact in a local, district and regional perspective.

“It’s quite startling the impact this can have,” Ms Moroney said.

“Businesses just can’t expect people to come and shop there unless they’re being totally local too.

“It’s a pride building thing.”

Barossa RDA’s economic development manager, Craig Grocke, built on this idea, saying the campaign encompassed more than just shopping local.

“It’s more than shopping local,” Mr Grocke said.

“It’s about what you can do for your town because you live here and you love it.”

So next time you are walking down the main street of your local town, whether it be Two Wells, Virginia, Mallala or Angle Vale; take the time to look around, see who is about and get to know them, appreciate what we do have and let’s all work together to keep on building our local townships and foster thriving communities.

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