Students learn dog safety


Students at Angle Vale Primary School were given advice and tips on how to act around and approach dogs when the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA visited last month.

Dog and Cat Management Board of SA pet educator, Kerri Jonathan, and her two-year-old Australian Shepherd dog Shylo, held 40-minute sessions with students from Reception to Year 4 at the school on Wednesday March 19.

Kerri said the sessions, held as part of the board’s Responsible Pet Education Program, hoped to increase children’s awareness and understanding of dogs and how to deal with them in different situations.

“We teach the kids about responsible pet ownership,” Kerri said.

“We talk about registration, how to come up to and say hello to a dog so they don’t get bitten, what to do if they see an angry dog, what to do if they see a scared dog.

“They learn a lot.”

The program is in its second year, with pet educators and their dogs travelling all over the state to deliver it free of charge to thousands of students.

In the past a similar program was introduced to school’s using a toy dog, but Kerri says the incorporation of real, live animals had improved and expanded the program immensely.

“All our dogs have been suitability tested for this program,” she said.

“It’s so much better with a real dog.”

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