Dublin victorious

Duncan Kennington column hawk

MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS: From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

On Saturday February 27 I attended the Dublin Cricket club pink stumps 2014 men’s final.

The Dublin Club was victorious, Dublin 6/303 (Ben Starr 174 not out, John Mason 64) to North Pines 68 and 56 (Ben Starr 4/14, Wilf Heslop 3/13, Matthew Starr 3/1 and Luke Walker 2/12).

Subsequent to the game some cricket memorabilia was auctioned off for charity.

It’s a credit to the club and local community spirit that the Pink Stumps Day and the Dublin High Tea raised $1,700 for the McGrath Foundation.

On Monday March 10 I attended the women’s B semi-finals at Two Wells.

Two Wells Gold, captained by Rebecca Pool (133) was defeated by Rose and Crown (133).

Pat Wake completed the scoring duties.

Simultaneous to this Rebecca’s mother Leanne was captaining Two Wells Black to a win over Dublin (145-47) at the Dublin oval.

The humid weather suited the flying ants, who dominated the airways, but it gave me a thirst.

Unfortunately the clubroom change room renovations haven’t been completed yet so I coped the best I could.

The other day at home, having more successfully secured a refreshment, a friend declared that he had spotted a peregrine falcon out of the window on a nearby tree 5 metres away.

Of course I immediately took a picture for evidence. However, after bringing in an extra armchair expert and enjoying several more refreshments, we concluded that it was a brown goshawk.

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