Two Wells Tennis Club hunting for a new president

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Two Wells and Districts Tennis Club is looking for a new president.

Without one the club may have to fold and years of commitment, dedication and hard work by its members will fall by the way.

Long-time member and president for the past few years, Allan Briscoe, stepped down at the club’s AGM last month, but the position, along with the vice-presidents’ position, were the only ones not filled.

The committee is enthusiastic and eager and just looking for someone to lead them.

Following an emergency meeting on March 20 where again no president could be found, life member Di Meaney (pictured)  put her hand up to step in as caretaker until a new president can be found.

Young Angus Tapscott, at just 17 years of age, has taken up the position of vice-president.

Di is devastated about the possibility of the club folding, especially since she has been involved since she first started as a junior in 1952 and has taken on a number of roles throughout the decades including secretary, coach and team manager.

“At its peak in the 1980s I had 100 children coming out to tennis practice,” Di said.

“I would just feel devastated if the club had to close because of the work and the history that’s behind this club.

“It’s a shame to see all the hard work that’s gone before to fall by the way.

“We’ve probably got the best facilities we’ve ever had but we’ve got declining numbers. It’s sad that it’s getting that way and as a community we need to work together.”

Di said the president’s role was not difficult and she would be willing to guide and mentor any person who was keen to give it nbso online casino a go. Just three years ago the club was in debt to the tune of around $10,000 and enthusiasm and participation was at an all time low.

But with a dedicated committee, a new constitution and some clever fundraising ideas, the club managed to turn their fortunes around, paying off the debt in less than 12 months and creating a new vibe at the courts.

Di is keen for this atmosphere to continue and says the club is considering moving to join the Gawler and District Tennis Association for the 2014/15 season.

“I just feel our club needs a new direction and some momentum to go forward into the future,” Di explained.

“We need something new, something different and maybe more people might join.”

If you are at all interested in taking up the president’s role at the Two Wells and Districts Tennis Club, contact Di Meaney on 0427 616 301 or email

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