Ernie’s bung foot is now on the mend


Much-loved local greyhound, Ernie Bung Arrow, has had a setback in his award-winning career of just six months following a foot injury.

In early February Ernie’s Lewiston-based trainer, Ken Gill, noticed him limping following a trial race and further investigations revealed a bone chip in his wrist.

While having this taken out, Ken said it was discovered he also had a fracture at the top of his wrist.

“Ernie” as he is affectionately known, won last October’s $75,000 Triple M Adelaide Cup at Angle Park at just 23 months old and has won over $165,000 in prize money since he first raced in June 2013.

He’s won an impressive 19 of 21 starts and was named the 2013 Greyhound of the Year, 2013 Sprint Greyhound of the Year, SA Bred Greyhound of the Year, and SA Run of the Year at the 2014 South Australian Greyhound of the Year awards announced in February.

He also won the SA Sprint title in January this year.

Not bad for a dog who was purchased as a five-month-old pup for just $800.

Involved in the greyhound industry for more than 40 years, and a resident of the area for the past quarter of a century, Ken and partner, Helen Deacon’s, luck has certainly changed for the better with their rising star, Ernie Bung Arrow.

And the pair are now focused on getting Ernie back to good health and fitness, and hopefully back onto the track.

“We don’t know how it happened,” Ken said.

“But you have to be so careful bringing them back as they can hurt other muscles.”

Ernie has been doing stints on the walking machine and will hopefully have his first gallop since his injury in April.

Ken is also looking at stud options for Ernie but would love more than anything to see his friend race again.

“It was such a quick ride with Ernie, it didn’t last long enough,” he said.

“It was a beautiful ride.”

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