Club prepares for One Day Event


By: Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club member Alison Gray

The season was off to a shaky start for Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club; the first rally was cancelled due to extreme hot weather, then a fortnight later torrential rain threatened the showjumping competition. Luckily the grounds soaked it all in and were able to cope with the huge turnout.

The showjumping competition on February 17 was the first round of the Lower North Zone showjumping circuit.

Two Wells will be hosting another round within the circuit in June.

The competition ring started at 55cm and finished at 115cm.

There was also a “Freshman’s Ring”, which is a showjumping course starting at a low height, which progressively increases in height throughout the day, helping both horses and riders to build confidence.

There was a bundle of fun to be had at the gymkhana on March 2 with many ribbons and trophies on offer. More showjumping, some hacking, the Dave Waters Memorial Handy Horse Obstacle Course, the Pixie Memorial Barrel Racing, and Mounted Games.

It was a great day and the weather was perfect.

On April 6 is a Closed ODE, held on club grounds, and open to Two Wells members only.

It gives horses and riders a chance to experience, and learn about what happens in a One Day Event, in a comfortable and familiar environment.

This of course, leads onto the pony club’s premier event of the year, the Two Wells ODE, on the weekend of April 26 and 27, entries close April 11.

The Two Wells One Day Event, is actually too big to be held on one day, its size also required a different location than our club grounds.

The event will be held at the same place as last year, on a private property in Reeves Plains.

Last year there were 120 entries, this year with the addition of another EA class, a bigger turn out is expected.

Due to the large number of entries and the abundance of space, there will be four dressage arenas, two showjumping rings, and the cross country course flows over 300 acres, and all of these have big warm-up areas.

This still leaves plenty of space for the marquees, food vans, and float parking,

TWE&PC president, accredited course builder and competitor Pentti Puro, worked tirelessly last year to design and manufacture jumps for the cross country, which could be removed from the site and stored out of the weather. Construction and working bees are well underway on creating new, and modifying existing jumps for the quickly approaching 2014 event.

There are a few exciting upgrades such as changes to the water jump complex. As can be expected an event of this magnitude has a very large price tag so any sponsorship, or assistance is always appreciated.

Some of our sponsors, at the time this article was prepared, (in no particular order) for the 2014 ODE are, Two Wells IGA, Retail Computer Services, Prydes Easy Feeds, Dublin Fruit and Veg, Gerry’s Meats, R&J Rural Supplies, Pfitzners, Hopkins Saddlery, Nag Taq, Dr Pete and Dr Bill’s Chiropractic.

If you would like to assist with this event in anyway please contact Sam on 0401 250 047, or view the website for more details at

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