What will it cost … to kiss and drop?


COSTINGS will be drawn up by the District Council of Mallala to create a “kiss and drop” zone in Hart Reserve near Two Wells Primary School following a meeting between the two parties last month.

This follows the presentation of a petition from the school last year to DCM in support of the zone, with a member of the school’s governing council also speaking at open forum.

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said he was given a tour of the school site in late January and witnessed first-hand the traffic congestion and parking issues the school is concerned about.

“A costings report will be presented to council in either February or March,” Mr Mansueto said.

“Subject to council endorsing the proposal we’ll need to undertake community consultation as it’s Crown land and will require the minister’s approval.

“It was a positive meeting, which clarified what the school was looking for.”

WPS principal, Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown, agreed the meeting had been promising and was particularly pleased the CEO was on hand to experience the parking and traffic issues at the school first-hand.

“I thought it was a really positive meeting and I felt he listened to our concerns and left with a really good understanding of the issues concerning parking,” she said

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