Two Wells town planning review

IN preparation for the expansion of Two Wells, District Council of Mallala is undertaking a review of the Two Wells Town Centre.

According to DCM’s Strategic Projects Coordinator, Carol Muzyk, a review of its planning policy has commenced with council agreeing to submit a Statement of Intent to the Minister for Planning, John Rau, detailing the review.

Consultants will largely undertake the review and subsequent preparation of a Development Plan Amendment, with the process being overseen by Ms Muzyk.

“The town centre currently services a population of proximately 800 persons,” she explained. “With the new Hickinbotham development the population of the area is likely grow to around 10, 000 people.

“Changes to planning policy and the size of the town centre will ensure that the needs of the new community are catered for.”

As part of the review investigations into the future retail and commercial needs of the growing community will be undertaken along with likely government and council services required in the future.

“A Statement of Intent forms a written agreement between council and the Minister for Planning and details the scope, relevant policy considerations, investigations to be carried out, consultation process and timeframes that will be followed in the Development Plan Amendment process,” Ms Muzyk said.

“It is the first step in the process to change planning policy.”

The community will be provided with an opportunity to comment on the review and proposed policy changes before council submits the Development Plan Amendment for approval later in the year.

Details of when and how the community can comment will be posted on DCM’s website and in local newspapers at a future date.

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