Strategy develops for region’s future horticulture growth

Plans to further develop the horticulture industry north of Gawler River have taken another step forward following a recent District Council of Mallala meeting.

DCM Strategic Projects Coordinator, Carol Muzyk said council received the findings of the Virginia and Northern Adelaide Plains Horticulture Study – Framework for Future Actions investigating the factors affecting the horticulture sector, as well as a series of recommendations to expand horticulture north of the Gawler River.

“The study has established a vision for the region as the premium northern food bowl for South Australia,” Ms Muzyk said.

“Now that the study has been completed council can consider the land division, allotment size and land use recommendations detailed in the report and decide on the best path forward.”

Later in the year DCM will start the process to change dgfev online casino policies in the current Development Plan to facilitate growth of the horticulture industry in the Mallala region.

“The process we have to undertake to change the Development Plan will take time,” Ms Muzyk said. “But we have taken a big step in a forward direction.”

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Manseuto said the next step for council is to review the many recommendations in detail and to identify which ones council may like to pursue further.

The study was undertaken in partnership with the City of Playford, Barossa RDA, PIRSA and the NRM Board with significant input from the horticulture businesses currently operating in the region.

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