Defending Christmas parade kids

IN response to John Allen, Two Wells RSL secretary’s letter to the Editor published in the January Echo – ‘desecration of memorial.’

It was a shame the young children of our town could not use the footpath (6-7 metres wide) and a bit of lawn for parents to sit out front of the RSL memorial for their Christmas concert (which they had used around five weeks prior with great success and the scouts held a sausage sizzle which also raised a reasonable amount).

Instead, I watched kids sitting in spilt soft drink and people’s rubbish on the road as the other parade goers walked through the crowd trying to watch their children perform.

These kids are our future and a big part of the reason I believe a man would go fight for his country

My two (and I am certain many others) are at that memorial every Remembrance Day paying respect to those who have served, including their own grandfathers. Is this really what our community is about?

This may not get anywhere or make a difference but it is at least off my chest and I have voiced the opinion of many long-standing locals.

Darren Calvett, Two Wells 

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