Australia Post reviews Angle Vale service

THE pending expansion of Angle Vale has led Australia Post to review the services it provides to people living in and around the area.

A number of residents have called for expanded services from the local post office, prompting Light MP, Tony Piccolo, to contact Australia Post seeking a review.

“The local post office is an important part of any community,” he said.

“It’s essential that the Angle Vale post office is ready to meet the needs of this growing area.

“Residents feel the local postal service should provide a wider range of services – including online financial services – and I’m pleased Australia Post will now be looking at what services they provide.”

In response, Australia Post Manager, Kym Altman, advised Mr Piccolo that “as residential areas expand and demand for local services increase Australia Post acknowledges the importance of maintaining reasonable convenience to our services.”

“At the same time, we still must attempt to strike a balance between the reasonable requirements of the community and our commercial obligations,” Mr Altman said.

Mr Piccolo said one of the key objectives of the new planning process was to ensure that infrastructure, both physical and social, was in place to support growing communities.

“While Australia Post is a Commonwealth Agency and not under the direction of the State government, I will continue to lobby them to ensure they recognise the needs of local residents.”

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