Women run into form


Two Wells has two women’s teams again this year, Gold and Black.

The Two Wells Gold team have been putting in 100 per cent, but were losing games in the A grade by a decent amount, so a drop to the B grade should see them put a few wins on the board.

Two Wells Black began the season in the B grade due to the younger up and coming talent getting out and having a go.

The leading run scorer for Two Wells Gold is Megan Curry on 96 and a three-way tie for the bowling is Rebecca Pool, four wickets, Jessica Pool, four wickets and Stef Aworth on four wickets.

Two Wells Black has Megan Akeroyd leading the runs with 75 and a two-way tie for the bowling sees Cassie Wing and Krystal Wilmshurst on four a piece.

Up until the Christmas break the men’s teams have been struggling to fill two teams. Hopefully this improves after Christmas as more players become available.

At time of print the A grade won two games and lost three. The team is currently sitting sixth on the ladder.

Having the same team on the park for a few weeks in a row will boost the teams’ confidence and hopefully bring home more wins and a spot in the finals.

Consistent bowling sees Travis Wake leading wicket taker on six wickets.

Leading the batting is Eamon Featherstone on 335 runs.

The B grade has won three matches and lost three games, they are sitting fifth on the ladder. The leading run scorer is Adam Harris on 162, and leading wicket taker is Clinton McDonald with six wickets.

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