Safety First in ‘kiss and drop’ plan


A “kiss and drop” zone near Two Wells Primary School will help improve safety for its students the school’s board believes.

The school’s governing council is seeking support from District Council of Mallala, theDepartment of Educarion and Child Development and local state MP’s for the zone, saying consistently high vehicle speeds along Gawler road were a danger to young children getting to school, and access to the Hart Reserve turnaround point on Old Mallala road was difficult and at times almost unusable.

TWPS governing council chairperson, Ernie Landherr, said a petition was presented to council at its November meeting and follows a similar petition lodged this time last year, which council did not support.

“We are asking for them to look at upgrading the Hart Reserve turn-around point,” Mr Landherr said.

“This has been an on-going issue for a long while and has been mentioned and noted at many Two Wells Primary School governing council meetings in the past and more recently about this area.

“Our main interest is to have it turned into a ‘kiss and drop’ zone.”

Mr Landherr said he believed DCM was under the impression the school wanted to turn the area into either a car park or have a road entering from the Old Mallala road and exiting onto the Gawler/Two Wells road, but this was not the case.

“Two Wells has had an increase in population in a short time and the Gawler/Two Wells road is becoming more busy with increasing traffic,” he said

“With more students enrolling next year than ever before at Two Wells Primary we as the governing council have to start looking towards the future and the paramount safety of our students and their families.

“In the best interest of all, a proposal will be forwarded to the Mallala Council in the near future asking it to upgrade the pathway, which is too rocky.

“Parents cannot push prams or strollers up or down (and) the upgrade of the roadway and the entrance/exit driveways off Old Mallala road has been an on-going issue for many years.

“Currently this road floods when it rains, which makes it impossible to use during winter or any rainy periods.”

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said council had agreed to meet with school representatives in mid-January 2014 and had endorsed at its November meeting to discuss the schools concerns and look at options for the area following this meeting.

Mr Landherr said TWPS governing council was looking forward to working with the council in the next year to improve the area for all to use.

• Mother of three, Chrissie Scott, whose children attend the school, believes the “kiss and drop” zone would be of great benefit to the site.

Chrissie said congestion of traffic along Gawler Road had increased dramatically and the safety of children was paramount.

“Having a space where families can safely kiss and drop their children at school is very important,” she said.

“As the community grows we need to have facilities in place to ensure the continued safety of all families attending the school.”

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