Plenty to hear at Leesa’s ‘listening post’

Leesa Vlahos Virginia Listening Post

Schools, more local police, council roads and flooding issues were just some of the concerns raised when local member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos, held community “listening posts” around the district in December.

Taking in Virginia and Lewiston, Ms Vlahos said such open public forums were a great way to meet local residents and discuss issues of importance to them.

Ms Vlahos said this years’ attendance at the sessions, particularly at the Virginia Shopping Centre, was the best response she’d had in the last four years.

“I’m just trying to listen to what I need to know about things that are happening in the local community,” Ms Vlahos said.

“A lot of topics were brought up by residents, including development, horticulture and agriculture practices, council roads, local police, schools and flooding.

“Sometimes when we work together we can achieve positive outcomes.”

Lewiston resident, Betty Body, took the opportunity to chat with Leesa about an on-going private issue and felt the listening posts were a great idea.

“It’s an opportunity to talk to Leesa about things that concern us,” Mrs Body said. “It’s nice to talk to someone one-on-one.”

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