Lewiston project moving forward

District Council of Mallala’s Lewiston Open Space study has now finished, with three options for focal points in the community put forward.

DCM Infrastructure and Planning Services strategic projects co-ordinator, Carol Muzyk, said the study was commissioned to ascertain the need for a focal point in the Lewiston area and involved engaging with the community through a survey and workshops to gather views in relation to a focal point.

“A community focal point is a place that provides the necessary social interaction and support of a community and can include a public park, library, civic hub, cafe, community centre and retail centre,” Ms Muzyk said.

“The whole crux of the project was to find out if there was a need for a focal point in Lewiston, and if there was a need, where this focal point, or points, should be.

“It was really important to find out what the community wanted (and) the level of inference that came out really demonstrated the view of the community; the playground, the horse keeping, the dog walking, these are all things residents valued.”

Ms Muzyk said while the results were mixed, the consultant identified a portion of the community would benefit from the establishment of a mixed use facility at either Claire Harniman Reserve or Hams Park, and a secondary community focal point provided by the redevelopment of the Hayman Road playground site.

Ms Muzyk said council had voted at its November meeting to progress to stage 2 of the project, where it would explore designs and costings for one or all of the sites identified in the study.

The second phase of the project also hopes to explore public and private investment opportunities.

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