Claire’s bare after her ‘Greatest Shave’


I said it last edition and I’ll say it again this edition; young Virginia resident Claire Horsler is one inspirational girl.

In support of the World’s Greatest Shave, the 11-year-old Virginia Primary School Year 5 student had her lovely long blonde locks shaved off on Monday December 9, an action which brought a tear to many of those who had gathered to show their support.

Claire’s hairdresser uncle, Kym Coombs, of Glen Osmond road hair salon Hair By Kym Coombs, did the honours, taking just minutes to cut what had taken more than a decade to grow!

And over the past two months she’s impressively raised more than $2000 to support research into blood cancer Leukemia.

Proud parents, Michelle and Mick, along with big sisters Emma and Lauren, as well as extended family, school students, staff and friends, watched as Claire sat through the haircut with a huge grin on her face.

Mum Michelle, said the event was very emotional and she was so proud of her youngest child.

“I’m so, very, very proud of her,” Michelle said afterwards.

““She really is one of those kids who thinks of others, not herself, she’s very giving, and even this (getting her head shaved), she’s not thinking about what she’s doing but that people are donating and what she can do for other kids.”

Claire was inspired to join the World’s Greatest Shave after watching a segment on television and quickly garnered the support of her family and then her teacher, fellow classmates and students across the school.

Year 4/5 teacher, Marie Lionello, spoke before Claire went under the clippers, saying she was an inspiration.

“Claire is very, very brave, and she’s courageous and she’s generous.

Claire and her family would like to thank all those who have supported the cause. “It means a lot to me knowing that I’m helping to find a cure for cancer and supporting research but at the same time helping families who need support,” Claire said.

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