The heat is on!

Two Wells CFS Column by Sara Oljey

IT has been a busy few weeks for Two Wells CFS Brigade.

During the last three weeks we have attended 18 call outs, which included 10 grass fires, one tree down, two tree fires, two car fires, two crop fires (attended by strike teams from our brigade), which burnt about 125 hectares, and one shed explosion, which scattered debris for more than 200 metres.

One of the grass fires was at Lewiston and burnt approx 15 hectares.

An emergency warning was issued for the surrounding area. TRhis was to alert immediate residents of impending risk. This message proved to be successful with residents directly threatened by the fire and enabled them to protect stock and property.

It is advantageous to try to provide access to property in case of fire and to clear away debris such as branches and obstacles.

• It is now FIRE SEASON and fire restrictions apply. The CFS website is available for information and advice.

There is a lot of dry vegetation around the area and extra care and vigilance is required.

On a positive note, we have had a good response in regard to recruitment, with some new faces joining us.

We are still a bit light on for members during mornings, so if anyone is interested please come down to see us at Wells road, opposite the hotel.

We train Monday nights from 7.30pm, with Cadets training every other Monday from 6pm to 7:30pm.

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