Reprimand for councillor

DISTRICT Council of Mallala councillor, Steve Jones, was unfazed by a report from State Ombudsman, Richard Bingham, which found Cr Jones had twice breached conflict of interest provisions earlier this year.

As a result, Cr Jones received a slap on the wrist from the Ombudsman, the elected member ordered to attend a conflict of interest training session. Cr Jones has  played down the breaches as minor indiscretions.

“On a level of seriousness, I have to undertake an hour’s training,” Cr Jones said. “If the issue was so serious, well, the punishment would fit the seriousness, would it?”

The issue itself is a complex background of previous alleged breaches and reports from the Ombudsman dating back to May, 2012, relating to public comments to the media. Cr Jones was to attend the required training session on November 25.

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