Entertained at Mallala

MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS: From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

I attended the Jane Doyle “event” at Mallala Football Clu on Wednesday, November 13.

Members of our community and some from outside our district were entertained by Jane’s humorous and interesting stories.

She generously remained to chat to guests after the talk despite having news reading obligations to attend to in the evening.

The afternoon tea was provided by the Two Wells Bakery and was of their usual excellent standard.

The afternoon was organised by the District Council of Mallala Library Services (Anne, Amanda, Kylie, Lynette and Di) and ran immaculately.

• On Monday, November 11, I attended the Remembrance Day service to lay a wreath on behalf of the council.

MC for the occasion, Mr A Oats, demonstrated patience and determination as he coped with a dodgy PA system and numerous trucks.

Mr R Spriggs delivered the Remembrance Prayer and an address.

After the service some members of the community took advantage of the museum opening for the occasion and some attended a Remembrance Day lunch.

• Recently I spotted a bird I hadn’t previously observed in Lewiston. A fellow ornithologist, Mark Webb, also spotted it.

After several refreshments and some research using the ‘Field Guide to the Birds of Australia’, we have identified it as a Dusky Wood Swallow (Artamus Cyanopterus).

It is another example of the rich variation in fauna we are privileged to experience in Lewiston as a direct result of the rich variation in flora we have planted and preserved.

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