Riding high in the saddle!

Riding the Hunt

Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club has been busy over the last few months, having held three events, which have been open to other pony clubs, with the main focus being on education and new experiences.

With riders ranging from being led, to having had many years in the saddle, it was a great opportunity to collect some of the more obscure patches to decorate club jumpers.

A camp drafting clinic was held at Kim and Candy’s KC Park in Lewiston on September 1. Riders had to maneuver a cow around barrels in a certain pattern as fast as they can. Everyone had a lot of fun getting their horses used to chasing the cows!

The Encourage Dressage day, held on September 15. This allowed riders to participate in the formal procedures involved in carrying out a dressage test in a relaxed environment.

To keep some of the led riders entertained they were calling out things that started with the letter which was being ridden past at the time.

A zone hunt was held in collaboration with Clare Hunt club on Marcus and Bec’s property in Reeves Plains on September 29. It was wonderful to be cantering across the rolling paddocks.

These are the same grounds where the One Day Event will be held on April 26 and 27 next year.

The club’s next rally is an assessment meeting to gain patches for Pony Club jumpers and will be held on November 3, followed by a normal rally on November 17, and an encouraged mini-zone event on November 24.

For more information and club news, visit the club’s website: www.twepc.com.au.

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