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Council’s final vote for mayor

Councillors will vote for a new mayor for the last time at the District Council of Mallala’s upcoming internal council elections in November.

Following a lengthy electoral review process earlier this year, members of the community will vote for the position of mayor from 2014.

Current mayor and Lewiston ward councillor, Duncan Kennington, is again putting his hand up for the leadership role after relishing the opportunity to get out and about in the district over the past 12 months.

“It’s something I’ve found more satisfying than I expected it to be,” Duncan said.

“As I took leave from work I’ve had plenty of time to work on the job and build it up. I’ve had a lot of time to meet residents and attend community events and I’d like to build on that momentum and provide consistency to the council.

“I believe I can raise the bar even higher and build on those community connections to empower the community.”

Current deputy mayor and Two Wells ward councillor, Mark Wasley, is also putting his hat in the ring for the top leadership position, and believes after two years in the deputy role he is well placed to step up.

“I will definitely be putting my hand up for mayor this November,” Mr Wasley confirmed.

“I think after being at least two years as deputy I’ve got a fairly good understanding of the role of mayor and I think I could carry out the duties of mayor appropriately.”

As it stands, the mayor, or chairperson, is elected every 12 months by councillors, not ratepayers but this will be the last year this process is in effect, with a mayor elected by the community set to come into effect at the 2014 elections.

Positions open at the November council meeting include the mayor and deputy mayor roles, as well as the chairpersons of the council’s Strategic Infrastructure and Planning Committee and the Community and Governance Committee.

A review of council elected members of these committees will also take place at this time.

The next full council meeting will be held at Mallala on Monday, November 25, at 7pm.

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