Two Wells ‘ready to burst into life’

TWO Wells is ready to burst into life! That’s the feeling of some community members following the announcement of development approval for the proposed Hickinbotham venture north of the town.

Two Wells Regional Action Team president, Eddie Stubing, pictured, is excited by the news and believes the only way for the town and surrounding district now, is up. “Two Wells is ready to burst into life, there’s no doubt about that,” Mr Stubing enthused.

“It was just waiting, and now the development has been announced and people will be wanting to move out here, there’ll be no stopping it.

“I think because Two Wells is the closest country town, with all of the services, even right down to a fish shop of all things, it’s ready to take off, it’s destined to be a success because of it’s location.”

Mr Stubing said the variety of land block sizes and the opportunity for people to still travel to the city to work, coupled with a country-style lifestyle, would be attractive to prospective home builders.

He said the building of a secondary school as part of the project will also be a big draw card for many people, and the added influx of ratepayers to the DCM area could only bring better services in the future.

“Compounding all this it brings more ratepayers into the area and the DCM definitely needs more ratepayers because its such a big area and we have so many dirt roads,” he said.

Mr Stubing said he was impressed by the collaboration of developers Hickinbotham with DCM, residents and the wider community, calling it a “great marriage”.

Local businessman, Tony Lange, believes news of the venture will bolster confidence for businesses in the town and surrounding region.

But the business climate at present was tough.

“I think it’s wonderful, it’s sensational. We haven’t had anything really good come along in our businesses for a couple of years,” Mr Lange said.

“It will give us a boost in our confidence for our businesses sakes, there’s been not many good times, a lot of hard times, (and) hopefully in the future it will mean more good times for local business.

“The extra customers will certainly not go astray (and) hopefully we can grow it slow and steady and get it right.”

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