Town centre remains hub

Retail space in the new Two Wells residential development will be restricted to ensure the town’s main centre remains the business hub of the community.

District Council of Mallala chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said retail space in the new development would be capped at 500 square metres.

“This reflects the strong council and community position the existing Two Wells town centre remains the focus of retail and service delivery,” Mr Mansueto said.

Local business owner, Ky Van Nguyen, of Main Street Café, was initially concerned the new development would see the construction of a major supermarket, which could impact on his business. But on hearing the retail space in the development would be capped, Mr Nguyen was more confident the development would instead bring more customers through his doors.

“There’s no big shopping centre coming in now, I feel relieved,” he said. “We were worried Woolies or Coles were coming in and it might kill all the business, it’s a relief.”

Roundabout links new, old

A roundabout linking the existing township to the new development will be built to support the focus on the main centre as the business hub for the town, and to also allow better access to both the town centre and the new development.

Apart from a new school, other projects include a new levee to be constructed to the south of Two Wells, which will protect a small portion of the new development while also protecting the existing township from flooding of the Gawler River.

Mr Mansueto recognised the need for improved public transport services, saying while it would still be an issue for the region in the short term, the increase in population would hopefully make provision of public transport in future years more viable.

“It is likely that any new public service will be the provision of links to adjoining major public transport hubs,” he said.

“This will capitalise on other developments occurring in the region, for example Buckland Park, Virginia and Angle Vale.

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