Ryan leads the Crows

Ryan Dimasi with the Crows Mascot at AAMI Stadium.
Ryan Dimasi with the Crows Mascot at AAMI Stadium.

For many young football fans, running onto the ground with your sporting heroes is the ultimate dream.

For Two Wells youngster, Ryan Dimasi, that dream came true last month when he was chosen to help lead the Crows onto AAMI Stadium for the club’s final game ever at the sporting venue.

After years of his Nan, Lorraine Prior, entering the competition by buying bread at Foodland, Ryan’s name was one of two lucky ones pulled out for the Crows’ last home game.

Ryan has been a Crows supporter and member since he was born and started going to games with his Nan in 2009 when he was three-and-a-half-years old.

His favourite players are Josh Jenkins and Patrick Dangerfield.

“Ryan has always asked when at the footy why he couldn’t be the mascot,” proud Mum Michelle said.

“Finally that wish, that dream, came true!

“As a parent you want to try and make your children’s wishes and dreams come true and sometimes they aren’t in your control.

“So, for that moment to happen, Michael and I couldn’t have been more happy or proud for our son Ryan.”

Ryan received four tickets to the game, a guernsey, shorts and socks from the club and had his guernsey signed by Patrick Dangerfield.

He entered the stadium at the players’ entrance and had photos with some of them before a quick interview with Channel 9 news about his role as the last Crows Mascot on AAMI Stadium.

“Ryan got to watch the first warm up on the boundary of the oval with his Dad,” Michelle said.

“We don’t think he realised who he was standing amongst as Michael named off Tony Modra, Andrew McCleod, Andrew Jarman, Darryl Hart, Matthew Robran, Graham Johncock, and many other past crow players.”

When it came time for the Crows to run onto the field, Michelle says Ryan couldn’t believe how fast they were and how high they jumped through the banner.

One things for sure, Saturday August 24, when the Adelaide Crows beat Melbourne by 68 points, will be a date forever special to eight-year-old Ryan and his family, with parents, Michelle and Michael, sister Gabriella and lots of family and friends watching from the sidelines.

What a great memory and experience to have Ryan.

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