Rates Increase

When District Council of Mallala announced its rates for 2013/14 ratepayers were informed the average increase would be 4.5 per cent.

The council also told us our waste collection was being itemised on our rates notice – not an extra charge.

When we received our rates notice we noted not only was our waste collection itemised but a standard rate of $100 was also applied. Apparently everyone is being charged a standard rate on top of their normal rates. When we did our calculations we found our rates have increased by 19 per cent over last financial year’s rates.

When we questioned council we were told that was what we were being charged and we will have to pay it.

If all ratepayers are being charged an extra 19 per cent the same as we are, then council will be well and truly in the money. Typically, they tell ratepayers one thing at public meetings and in the media and then go ahead and do what they intended to do in the first place.

Terry Halford, Calomba

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