Proud Australians

MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS: from DCM Mayor & Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

I attended the citizenship ceremony at District Council of Mallala council chambers on Tuesday, September 17, to administer the Australian citizenship Pledge of Commitment.

Seven new Australians, David Chant, Anne Holland, John Palmer, Alice Purdy, and Geremy, Geremiah and Gerard Toledo, participated as well as numerous family members and friends.

After navigating the formalities and some hearty singing of the national anthem, participants were presented with a native tree and we all celebrated with some morning tea.

• On the same day I was invited to participate in the Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony at the Gawler and District B-12 College.

It was a positive experience to witness so many young people taking an interest in civics.

Brianna Kilworth was a very capable MC.

Wally Aguis, Jayden Mallison and Kayla Cameron welcomed us to the country. Michael Snider, Tim Ryan and Ben Smith provided power point presentations on rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens, and rights and responsibilities of children.

We were also treated to a poem, My Country, and a song, We Are Australian. All in all a very rewarding day!

• On Saturday, September 21, I attended the district’s football grand final held at Long Plains between Mallala and Two Wells.

It is a measure of the importance of this match that even though I was running late, live coverage was occurring on the radio and by the time I arrived there were already several thousand people in attendance.

By my recollection at half time there was only one point in it. Congratulations to the eventual winner, Mallala.

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