Persistence and patience are worth writing about

It took more than 10 years, countless knockbacks and bucket loads of patience, persistence, support and belief, but it’s all been worth it for Port Lincoln-based writer, Diane Hester, who has just released her debut novel “Run To Me”.

Speaking in Two Wells on Thursday, September 26, as part of the Two Wells Public Library’s popular author events, Diane told the gathering about how she “fell” into writing following a bout of the flu.

Born in New York, Diane explained she never had a childhood dream to be a writer, having grown up in a musical household.

Following her parents’ love of music, Diane played violin for many years with the Rochester Philharmonic in the United States and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra before settling with husband, Michael, in Port Lincoln.

It was here she began to try her hand at writing after being housebound with the flu.

Diane dabbled in lots of different genres, and over the years wrote manuscript novels in romance, casino fantasy and even comedy – but time and again publishers knocked back her stories.

She persisted, garnering support and knowledge from other local would-be novelists and had some success with the publication of a few short stories.

But Diane still wasn’t sure what she wanted to write about.

She decided to follow advice she had once heard  – “write the book you’d like to be reading” – and she did, with her Hitchcock-style suspense novel “Run To Me” finally hitting the shelves earlier this year after 12 months of solid writing and two more years of refinement and editing.

She has her own piece of advice for writing enthusiast; stick with it.

“If any of you are writing and you are writing in a genre that isn’t terribly popular, keep at it,” Diane advised. “If it’s something that’s not popular today it could be tomorrow, so stick with it.

“Run To Me is the culmination of a journey lasting 11 years and untold ups and downs but it’s one I would never have chosen to miss.”

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