Drone scouts the scene for Hickinbotham houses

Hickinbotham Drone 2

Developers Hickinbotham were in town last month with a special drone in hand to take an aerial view of the proposed new residential site.

You might have seen or heard the drone near Tangarri Estate as it flew overhead on Friday October 4.

Hickinbotham’s Two Wells project manager, Ruth Vagnarelli, said the special TopoDrone-100 was a purpose-built mapping drone constructed to take accurate, multiple overlapping digital photos of a site.

The process of continuous images allows for a continuous model to be compiled.

“The drone provides a detailed model and map of the terrain and landscape,” Ms Vagnarelli said.

“This mapping assists with the engineering and design for the Two Wells’ expansion to ensure the design will work with the existing landscape and conditions.”

The drone, which flies at 60km per hour, enables rapid, accurate and very detailed mapping and surveying measurements, and also provides a detailed image map of the entire project area, taking just one day to map the
whole project area.

Ms Vagnarelli said the drone’s hardware and software has been designed and manufactured in South Australia by Dronemetrex, and is one of the most advanced and accurate drone mapping systems in the world.

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