Don’t risk a fire – clean up now

Local CFS members are warning the potential for fire to sweep through our area is high following significant winter and spring rain, which has seen plants and wild grasses burst into growth.

Two Wells CFS brigade captain, Adam Harris, shown cleaning gutters, says with the weather warming up, now is the time to start preparing for summer and the dangerous fire season ahead.

Residents need to start taking measures to protect their homes from fire and plan what they would do if a bushfire broke out, Adam advised,

Although Two Wells was not surrounded by dense bush land, many homes and properties in Lewiston could get caught out if a fire started in the area.

“Lewiston is potentially a very dangerous area,” he said.

“Everyone is living on two-acre blocks and that makes it hard for us to get access to those blocks.

“On one of those catastrophic days, if a fire went through there, it could potentially wipe the whole area out.”

Accessing rural properties was something Adam highlighted as a big problem, not only for the CFS but also for other emergency services.

He said residents needed to assess whether a fire truck or ambulance could fit down their driveway and to clear lower foliage from trees and shrubs.

“Many driveways are obscured by trees and lots of properties have scrub and bush land very close to the house,” he said. “This makes for a dangerous mix as it’s going to be really dry this year.

“Priorities for residents are keeping your grass down and having a 25-metre defendable open space around your building.

“Anything that’s burnable within that 25 metres needs to be removed. Clean gutters and access to water are also things people need to think about. If people do that, they will give themselves the best chance of protecting their properties.”

Following the CFS’ mantra of “Prepare. Act. Survive” should also be something all families plan for and discuss, Adam advised.

If residents notice any council land that needs attention, Adam said calls should be directed to the District Council of Mallala, not the CFS, as they are powerless to do anything but pass the message along.

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