Development ‘ Deed’ paves way for construction

FIRST construction works for Two Wells’ new residential development should begin early next year, according to District Council of Mallala (DCM) chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto.

Mr Mansueto said State government development approval  paves the way for council to begin delivery of the development. The project will now move forward according to a unique development deed between the developers and council, and also between council, Hickinbotham and the state government, once the appropriate development applications have been finalised.

“The next steps will involve the Hickinbotham Group lodging a development application for particular stages of the development to council,” Mr Mansueto said.

“Council will assess the application against the new development plan, which has been amended according to the DPA.

“Council will also take into account the requirements of the development deed, which provides both the Hickinbotham Group and council’s obligations in relation to infrastructure.”

It is expected the first stage of construction will start early-mid 2014 with about 200 homes constructed in the first 12-18 months.

Council’s expenditure for this project is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1m.

Mr Mansueto said the development was the outcome of many years of studies and investigations conducted by council, in conjunction with Hickinbotham, and the project was set apart from others by its attention to detail, commitment to community involvement, and structured planned approach, which sets in place when things will occur, who pays for what, and what impact this will have on council and the district in general.

“Unlike other developments, the Two Wells Residential Development is backed by an extensive Development Deed between the Hickinbotham Group and council,” Mr Mansueto explained.

“A Deed also exists between council, the Hickinbotham Group and the State Government that addresses state owned transport infrastructure.

“Furthermore, the impact on council’s financial sustainability was assessed using an independently developed economic model.

“Council’s financial obligations were input into the model to assess the impact on council’s financial position.

“The costs included increases in operating costs associated with maintaining the infrastructure


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