Development brings challenges for all

In the previous Echo a number of people described eloquently the sense of optimism that the Hickinbotham development has created.

Eddie Stubing has described how “Two Wells is ready to burst into life.” There’s no doubt about that.

Our council CEO, Charles Mansueto, has described how the current town centre will remain the focus of retail and service delivery.

Regional Development Australia chairman and local resident, Ian O’Loan, said he felt the development was “…the best presented and researched plan with community consultation I have ever seen in SA”.

Of course with a project of this size occurring over several decades, challenges will occur and the community will need to insure all decisions dovetail together to achieve a cohesive, sustainable and harmonious district.

First, the overwhelming number of blocks will need to be big enough to provide the rural lifestyle we take for granted in this district.

Children need the room to play cricket in the backyard. Parents need room to build a BBQ.

Most of us baby-boomers grew up on quarter acre (1000m2) blocks and, particularly in a rural setting, this should continue.

Public schooling will be required.

Having spent the whole of my professional life working in public schools, I recognise the value of public schools to building an educated cohesive community.

The public school will accept all students irrespective of income, religion, or politics.

Other challenges and opportunities will occur that none of us have anticipated.

To optimise our response to these situations we will need an active, confident and vocal community together with a responsive council.

Exciting times ahead!

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