Developing at home and abroad

Some of the students who attended the Iona Pilgrimage

A great deal has been happening at St Columba College this year.

The newly-established Senior School site is now complete with the movement of Year 10 students across to this purpose built facility.

The college now has three separate sites – Primary, Middle and Senior all within easy walking distance of each other.

The establishment of a separate site for Years 10-12 allows senior students the concentrated support they need to undertake their academic studies in a targeted environment.

With access to sophisticated facilities such as the senior studies research space, specialist science laboratories and new classrooms the senior students are well supported as they complete their SACE in Year 12 and move towards university or TAFE pathways.

The College also introduced for the first time this year, the St Columba College Iona Pilgrimage to the United Kingdom.

A group of 12 students accompanied by staff travelled through England and Scotland in July, visiting many of the great cathedrals such as Westminster, York, Canterbury and Durham and finally the island of Iona where our patron St Columba set up his mission to bring Christianity to Scotland. As both an Anglican and Catholic college, visiting Cathedrals and sites so important in the history of both churches gave the students from Years 10 and 11 the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the history of Christianity in the UK as well as visit some of the most  sophisticated and exciting cities in the world.

It was a life-changing trip for all and the College looks forward to taking a new group of students next year.


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