Deer Robbie, He’s Best In Show

Avril Stoffels

Lewiston resident, Avril Stoffels, has been breeding Scottish Deerhounds for more than 20 years and this year her dog “Robbie” was named Best in Show at the Royal Adelaide Show.

From an entry of more than 2600 dogs, acclaimed Swedish judge Kenneth Edh, chose

Anduril Robbie Burns or “Robbie” as he’s affectionately known, as the top dog.

“As you can imagine this is a significant win which has been made all the more special by the wonderful congratulations and supportive comments about Robbie that have come in from all over the world,” Avril said.

“It’s the first time a Scottish Deerhound has won at any major metropolitan royal show. It’s a once in a lifetime thing really.”

Having first won best of breed in show for hounds, Robbie went on to beat six other best of breed dogs for the top title, including a Pug, Irish Cocker Spaniel and a British Bulldog.

Avril said Robbie was judged on a variety of aspects including muscular and skeletal framework, gait or movement, temperament, and general appearance.

Standing at just over 82 centimetres high at the wither, and weighing up to 48 kilograms, Robbie is no lap dog that’s for sure.

But while he may look imposing, Avril ascertains the Deerhound breed is a gentle, playful, affectionate and loyal dog.

“What I’d say to people is they’re halfway between an Irish Wolfhound and a greyhound,” she explained.

“Their whole aim in life is to be with you and spend time with you. They were bred to bring down deer in the highlands of Scotland so they do like to chase things, but they’re very happy to lie around and just be part of the family.

“They’re a lovely companion dog, an amazing breed and I adore them.”

Avril also bred the Runner Up Best of Breed for the hounds, with Robbie’s sister taking this title.

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