Boxes packed with learning and love


Students at Two Wells Primary School have shown their generosity and thoughtfulness once again by participating in a program to help those less fortunate celebrate Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child is organised by charity Samaritan’s Purse and presents under privileged children in overseas countries with “boxes of love.” The school first took part last year.

TWPS Christian pastoral support worker, Tania Cattell, organised the school’s involvement with the project and was again blown-away by the support and enthusiasm of the students and their families.

“The children who receive these boxes are going to be overwhelmed,” Tania said.

“Even though these are very simple things to our children, to a child that has nothing, it’s all their Christmases come at once.

“It’s the simple things we’re packing that will have the biggest impact.”

The project required each box to consist of something special, something to love, something hygiene related, something for school and something to wear, with all goods donated brand new.

Each box was also age and gender specific, targeting children 2 – 4 years old, 5 – 9 years old and 10 – 14 years The higher your score, the more likely you are to be approved for new , or offered a lower interest rate. old.

Some of the items placed in the boxes included hats, tennis balls, pencils and paper, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, stickers, head bands, watches, teddies, crayons, skipping ropes, shoes and clothing.

An information sheet compiled by the students about Two Wells was also placed in each box. Tania said the school had managed to put together nearly 40 boxes with a value of between $15 and $20 each, and said they would be sent to children in South-East Asia including Vietnam, Thailand and Papa New Guinea.

“This project has taught the kids so much,” Tania said.

“They’ve learnt about compassion for other kids, they’ve learnt not every child is like them, they’ve learnt about giving and making a difference, and they also get the reward of helping others.

“It also shows the community that our children have spirit.”

The school held a casual clothes day, which raised $350, to contribute to the charity and to help with postage costs.

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