Boost for town and region

THE Barossa arm of Regional Development Australia has welcomed news of Two Wells’ new residential development announcement, saying it will be a boost for the town and the wider region.

RDA Barossa chief executive officer, Anne Moroney, highlighted the opportunity for local businesses to capitalise on the expected growth to the area, but warned business owners needed to be savvy and plan ahead.

“More customers means business growth and justification for more services,” Ms Moroney said.

“This is a big opportunity if they plan and have a strategy to benefit, otherwise someone else will and they could get left out.

“It gives an opportunity to develop as a service centre for animal husbandry, industry and the horticulture food bowl.”

Planning for good development for a sustainable future for the town, building on the community structure of Two Wells and creating employment opportunities should also be priorities, Ms Moroney said.

“It is very important t we are proactive in the growth of local employment for local people if we want a cohesive community and a town where people live, work and play.”

RDA Barossa chairman, Ian O’Loan, who is also a member of the Mallala Economic Development Advisory Committee, past chairman of the District Council of Mallala, and has lived in the Mallala area for years, believes the new development has a strong grounding in community involvement, forward planning and financial assessment.

Mr O’Loan said he felt the new development was “…the best presented and researched plan with community consultation I have ever seen in SA. This development is a truly well prepared project based on the placemaking principle, which has proved successful in other parts of the world,” he said.

While there would be challenges to integrate the new development with the existing township, Mr O’Loan said the opportunity to enhance and expand on what is already here should not be ignored.

A farmer for many years, Mr O’Loan also believes the encroachment of the development on agricultural land is small and offset by the establishment of a flood drainage mitigation scheme for the Two Wells township.

“With this comes the natural vegetative barrier between farmland and the new houses being constructed over a 20-year period,” he said.

“With the location of this development comes a 45-minute journey to Adelaide and the northern areas via a two-lane highway to existing employment. However in the local area there is currently employment in expanding and existing horticulture and there are envisaged future opportunities in this area.”

Jobs could also be found in adjoining Gawler and the Barossa region.

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