Bethany Takes a Short Cut To Help Others


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Getting a haircut for most of us is an ordinary, every-day thing, but for 16-year-old Two Wells resident, Bethany Cattell, her latest hairdressing experience took on a whole new meaning.

While making the decision to get her lovely long locks cut to shoulder length in the school holidays took a bit of courage, it was a no-brainer for Bethany when she learnt her hair could be of use to others.

After hearing about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program from her hairdresser, which aims to support women with cancer by providing free real-hair wigs to women who have lost their locks through treatment, Bethany decided to donate her hair to the cause.

The Craigmore Christian School student said it was a great opportunity to help others.

“I didn’t want it just falling on the floor, being swept away and going in the bin,” Bethany said.

“I thought it would be something good to do and I’m really happy knowing that someone who’s lost their hair because of chemotherapy can use my hair to make themselves look beautiful.”

Bethany’s grandma died of cancer two years ago so the cause is close to her heart, and her Mum, Tania, couldn’t be prouder.

“I’m very proud of her because it’s thinking of others,” Tania said.

“It’s also a great cause, putting something that may have been a waste and turning it into something good.”

Bethany’s 30cm long ponytail is just one of 10,000 ponytails the Beautiful Lengths program hopes to collect.


• If you feel this is something you’d like to participate in, speak to your hairdresser or visit the web at

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