21st Century Kids


Grant funds help Virginia’s teaching process

Virginia Primary School is embracing 21st technology, with the school recently boosting the number of laptops and iPads for classroom use and integrating a range of new initiatives.

Thanks to a Sidney Myer grant of close to $10,000, the school’s 300-odd students will soon have an additional 26 iPads for student use.

This will mean each class will have access to either five laptops or five iPads in addition to the desktop computers already available.

VPS principal, Ilia Tsoutouras, is excited by the technological advances the school is making, saying the children of today live in a technological world and teaching to that is important.

“I’m really proud with the learning progress that’s happening here and this is just adding to the high quality programs we have,” Mr Tsoutouras said.

“There have been many exciting developments on the information communication and technology front at Virginia. Having iPads and laptops permanently based in classrooms are proving to be a fantastic learning tool for our students.”

The grant is just one way the school is using technology to improve learning outcomes for its students.

Installing wireless Internet connection across the school is another way students at VPS will be able to improve their learning through the use of technology and expand the walls of the classroom.

“Students will be able to move across the school,” Mr Tsoutouras said.

“This will mean their learning doesn’t stop with the four walls of the classroom but has endless possibilities.”

Another initiative the school is taking up is the introduction of the Skool App – a new iPhone app specifically for schools to stay in touch with families and for families to keep track of events, view procedures and update information.

Mr Tsoutouras said this application had been up and running since Term 3 and more than 100 people had already downloaded it.

“What we want to do is give parents an insight into what happens in the school,” he said.

“We want to give them an understanding of how they can help their kids at school (and) to strengthen that partnership between parents and school.

“The possibilities are endless with this tool.

“These are 21st Century kids so it’s really about engaging them in their learning (and) being able to differentiate learning to suit the needs of an individual.

“This is one tool for that.”

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