Pat and her pals leave opposition in their wake

Lewiston’S Pat Wake, with her champion kelpies Doritos (left) and Twistie.
Lewiston’S Pat Wake, with her champion kelpies Doritos (left) and Twistie.

These two gorgeous kelpies are top dogs again, taking out three titles between them at the recent Dogs SA State Herding Association Championships.

Lewiston resident, owner and trainer, Pat Wake, has been working with Doritos and Twistie since they were young dogs, herding both sheep and ducks, under the watchful eye of local dog trainer Colin Meaney.

Over the course of the championships, held at Rosedale, near Gawler, on August 23 and 24, Pat and her dogs were challenged to complete two different courses.

The first was working five sheep or ducks through a range of obstacles in a paddock situation.

The second was herding three sheep or ducks over a shorter course in a 40x60m area.

Each dog and their trainer are allowed two runs for each course, and are given 10 minutes to complete a single run.

Points are deducted for going outside the defined course, not keeping the stock together and behavior, with the highest score out of 100 for each run.

The team with the highest score in the competition over the two days is named winner.

This year Doritos was awarded the Overall Most Versatile Herder as well as the Champion Herder for sheep work and qualified in seven of his eight trials.

Twistie was named State Champion Herder for her skill in herding ducks.

“You can imagine how chuffed I am with both my lovely Kelpies,” Pat said.

“I could not ask any more from them.

“Keeping on the job the whole time is hard work.

“It’s enjoyable, but the focus for the dog and the handler, it’s actually quite a lot of hard work.”

This is the second year in a row Pat has been successful at the championships, with Twistie taking out the 2012 State Herding Champion title for her work with sheep.

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