It’s Chris’ lucky month!

July has been busy for the Two Wells Golf Club, with the conclusion of the Men’s Club Championships and a very successful Open Day.

Club president, Chris Girling, had a wonderful month of golf taking out both events. Chris’ form throughout the Club Championships was fantastic, shooting rounds of 75, 76, 76, 75 and only got better on the Open Day with a 111 over 27 holes.

B grade Club Champion was Paul Shields, who also put together some very consistent rounds to edge out the other contenders.

The Men’s Open Day was a terrific day for the club, with over 50 players from clubs around the mid north and surrounding areas participating in a fabulous day’s golf and competing for some great prizes.

Local knowledge was a big factor in the day’s scoring, with the strong winds testing most of the visiting players.

Two Wells players took home many of the major prizes, including the A Grade and B Grade Championships.

A big thank you goes out to all of the committee and members for their big efforts in preparing the course, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day, running the bar, scoring, and all of the other preparations and organisation that goes into running such a great day.

Also thank you to our Open Day sponsors without which it wouldn’t be possible to provide such fabulous prizes.

The Ladies on Tuesdays have been going strong with Debra Lamont, Elaine Grigg and Kathy Stubing heading the winners list this month. Julie Holland, Kathy Stubing, Elaine Grigg and Judi Frost look set to dual it out for the Club Championship’s match play rounds in the coming weeks.

If you would like to join us and try and tame our challenging little course and have a great day, visit the club this Saturday.

Golf starts at 11am with tee-offs until around 12.30pm, and everyone in before 5pm for presentations and a chance to take home the much sought after Virginia Meat Store meat tray raffles.

Ladies also play on Tuesdays around 9.15am and new members are always welcome.

The men also have a Thursday competition from 9.15am, usually followed by a BBQ lunch and a couple of beers after the day’s golf.

Two Wells Golf Club also has a website, with a wealth of information about the course, competitions, membership information and everything else you need to know. Come out and play!

Also a quick reminder the upcoming Hamley Bridge Challenge at Two Wells on Saturday. Good golfing everyone.


June 29: Stroke

A Grade – A.Baker 64, Y.Frencken 64, S.Grigg 68. B Grade – N.Bowden 70, T.Clifton 70, J.Spackman 71.

Ladies – J.Holland 73, E.Grigg 75.

July 6: Stableford

A Grade – S.Grigg 41, R.Hogg 39, R.Grigg 36. B Grade – I.Smith 38, P.Shields 38, T.Clifton 38. C Grade – G.Farr 44, S.Kelly 44, J.Weir 41.

Ladies – J.Holland 29, E.Grigg 27.

July 13: Stroke

A Grade – L.Grafton 67, A.Bail 68, C.Girling 69. B Grade – J.Weir 72, J.Boon 72, J.Ball 75.

Ladies – E.Grigg 72, J.Holland 77.

July 20: Stroke

A Grade – R.Grigg 68, C.Girling 68, G.Payne 71. B Grade – P.Shields 72, I.Smith 73, I.Clark 75.

Ladies – J.Holland 84, E.Grigg 92.

July 28: Men’s Open Day

27 Hole Championship A Grade winner Chris Girling 111.0; runner-up John Nairn 114.0.

27 Hole Championship B Grade winner Ian Smith 134.0; runner-up Yogi Frencken 134.0.

27 Hole Championship C Grade winner Alan Malpass 141.0; runner-up George Dahlitz 143.0.

27 Hole Handicap A Grade Winner Robert Thompson 101.5; runner-up Robert Hogg 102.5.

27 Hole Handicap B Grade winner Austin Henstridge 106.5; runner-up Neil Bowden 109.0.

27 Hole Handicap C Grade winner John Boon 105.5; runner-up Mike Hahesy 106.5.

18 Hole Handicap A Grade winner Adam Mitchell 68.0; runner-up Andrew Baker 70.0.

18 Hole Handicap B Grade winner Gary Payne 70.0; runner-up Darryll Hall 70.0

18 Hole Handicap C Grade winner James Weir 71.0; runner-up Danny Smith 74.0.

9 Hole Handicap A Grade winner Vince Zito 32.0; runner-up John Shephard 33.5.

9 Hole Handicap B Grade winner Jarrad Olson 35.0; runner-up Mick Aworth 35.5.

9 Hole Handicap C Grade winner Peter Sullivan 34.0; runner-up David Manning 35.5.

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